Monday, January 21, 2013

In motion…

I’m back after a long hiatus (due to no camera).  Went out to Dupont State Forest for a quick fix of too much work/city life and not enough quiet and embracing all that God has created in a natural quiet setting.  Below is a picture taken of the top of High Falls from the covered bridge. 


Below was a small pond of water that was next to the trail going to High Falls… it looked cool especially with the green/blue spot in the middle.DSC_4094

Cascade Lake Rd … to the right is a small falls.DSC_4077

this is the small falls eluded to earlier … its about 15 ft (ish) high … DSC_4072

this is also along Cascade Lake Rd…DSC_4081

High Falls … in normal flow you usually can stand on the big rock at the bottom right of the falls … DSC_4136

River leading to High Falls (taken from the covered bridge)…DSC_4111

Another detail of the flow of the water before it plunges down High Falls.DSC_4129